The winners this week...

19th February 2016

We've made another three people very happy this week!


Why we love entering and winning competitions

12th February 2016

At SB7 Mobile we love a good competition. The same can be said for many of our satisfied subscribers. Entering is so much more than just the end goal - be it a cash prize of £500 or bagging a brand new iPhone - and we've explored four reasons that explain why we love to enter a prize competition. Which one are you?


Greig C is a winner!

11th February 2016

Fancy a prize for yourself? Click to find out more!


Being selected as a winner can be a real buzz!

10th February 2016

The feeling for our latest winner is no different


SB7 Mobile creates another winner...

5th February 2016

The next draw takes place today - could you be next?


Another week, another winner

3rd February 2016

We have got another winner to add to our already very long list...


Be fair - no unexpected charges, please

21st January 2016

Being clear and fair about the cost of subscribing to one of SB7's premium rate SMS competitions - be it JuicyWin, MintedMobi or PrizeFun - means our customers can manage their spending and avoid receiving unexpected charges and high bills.


Is winning down to skill or just good luck?

23rd December 2015

Winning, many people will say, is just down to plain good luck. Others would argue that it's less about luck and more about skill. When it comes to our competitions, what is the difference between luck and skill, and why does it matter?


Wondering how to find out about our latest winners...?

22nd December 2015

Here at SB7 we have had winners every week for several years now so as you can imagine, the list of winners is huge and keeps on growing!


The PrizeFun Winner is...

18th December 2015

We are pleased to announce that Mike W from Bristol is the latest PrizeFun winner. Congratulations Mike!


Our Latest Winner...

17th December 2015

We are delighted to announce that Mrs S Barker is our latest JuicyWin lucky winner!


2015: the year of our 100th winner

11th December 2015

At SB7 we run competition sites JuicyWin, PrizeFun and MintedMobi and 2015 has been a great year for hearing our winner stories. Earlier in the year we selected our 100th winner.

Every week MintedMobi offers contestants the chance to win £500 cash or a £500 shopping voucher.


82888 - Whose Number Is It Anyway?

3rd December 2015

Have you received a text message from either 82888 or 88818?

If you have, then the chances are that at some stage you've fancied your luck at winning a cash prize, subscribed to JuicyWin and you're now being prompted to enter our weekly draw.


Protect yourself against unexpected charges: be phone smart

27th November 2015

It's easier than ever to pay for goods and services using just your smartphone.

But what should you do to avoid unexpected charges being added to your bill or worse, becoming the victim of a phone scam?


#with500quid - small cash prizes can make a huge difference

20th November 2015

Premium rate services, whether text-based (like our competitions) or a fixed rate number, often get a bad press. We know this because a quick search online for ' JuicyWin' or 'PrizeHook' will produce results showing historic chat threads, often started by people with an axe to grind, that decry the premium rate SMS competition as a scam.

Despite the groaning of a few cynical folk, we know that our cash prizes make a huge difference to our winners.


It takes two: the wisdom of seeking a JuicyWin

10th November 2015

There's an age old saying, that at JuicyWin HQ we have recently been giving some thought to. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." If you feel you've genuinely been cheated or tricked by a scam company it's a good saying to find comfort from.


Selecting Winners of Text Message Competitions

4th November 2015

The best part of running text message competitions is giving away the prizes. If there's one thing the SB7 team love doing it's getting hold of entrants to let them know they have won a prize.


Unsolicited text messages: who's to blame?

26th October 2015

I'm amazed by how clever animals are. I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and in my feed I saw an advert titled 'Click to play incredible video of dog playing iPad game.'

Obviously I never do that sort of thing. I've heard about those scam messages where you click just once and the next thing you know you're being spammed by crooks - I'll not fall foul to that trick and be ripped off by devious cheats. But on this occasion my curiosity got the better of me, so I clicked…


A mobile phone scam would hack me off. So too do quiz machines.

14th October 2015

How frustrating are those quiz machines you find in pubs? We play them because we think we're smart enough to win, but then you're quickly a fiver down and it somehow seems less fun. You feel robbed; cheated, even. Similarly, the victims of a mobile phone scam feel just as cheated when they find unfamiliar charges added to their bill.


How the world has changed

6th October 2015

With the rise of technology and mobile devices we are very aware of how times are changing even in our own lifetime. Delving deeper into the past, the SB7 Mobile offices have an incredible history and story to tell that shows just how much the world really has changed.


Peaking for Charity

23rd September 2015

Two of our team completed over 3,400m of climbing as part of the Three Peaks Challenge - all to raise money for charity.


Dementia UK 'Wins' £1,000

7th September 2015

We wanted to tell you about an incredible act of generosity from one of our recent winners. The winner, known only as Josephine from Hertfordshire, won the weekly JuicyWin prize that offers either a new iPhone, or £500 in cash. She opted for the cash and so far, so far normal. We have a winner every week and many choose the cash over the phone.


Winner Stories

13th August 2015

Whenever someone wins one of our competitions, it is an event we are so pleased to be a part of. That’s why we genuinely love contacting our winners and our team call them personally to let them know they’ve won!


A Juicy start

6th August 2015

The right name says a lot about your business. It’s important for a business name to be the right fit and memorable as it is the step towards building your brand and company identity, which will hopefully, stay with you for a long time.