SB7 Mobile Ltd designs, develops, markets and promotes competition software applications for the mobile and internet advertising market. In addition we design and develop innovative and proprietary reporting applications to provide end clients with the information they require to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the advertising spend.

The suite of online tools available include:


Interactive Conversion and Tracking is an online tool that tracks sales leads and sales conversions from a variety of online and mobile advertising sources and calculates cost per lead, cost per acquisition data and evaluates the resulting performance and value for the end client


Interactive Customer Agent Net is a self-service customer service portal that enables customer service agents to fulfil end user queries relating to the engagement services

These tools aid optimisation of the sales process and increase efficiencies both in campaign management and analysis as well as in the consumer experience.


Customer Relationship Management tool. Manages the status of each consumer on the platform. Increases engagement and interaction. Used in tandem with iCat.